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It is important to drink at least 8oz of water before and after your massage to ensure your body and muscles are able to fully receive the benefits of the work.


Unhealthy muscle tissue is tight and tough which doesn’t allow for good blood flow. With decreased blood flow metabolic wastes will begin to build up. In unhealthy muscle tissue your body will begin to form fibrous adhesions in the muscle and connective tissue. It is these adhesions along with metabolic waste build up that cause some discomfort when receiving massage. 


During your massage the therapist works on the areas that need to get the blood flowing again. As that happens your blood will again start delivering oxygen and fluids to the muscle tissue. Any amount of water that is transferred to the muscle is removed from your blood stream effectively causing the percentage of water in your blood stream to decrease, which could lead to dehydration. At the same time your muscles are releasing the built up metabolic wastes into your blood stream. In severe cases clients can even become nauseated or feel light headed.


Please drink water both before and after your massage.





The most important part when deciding to dress down or not is determining what you are going to be most comfortable in to receive a massage.


1) Completely dressing down.

Many clients choose to completely dress down and are draped the entire time with sheets and blankets. The massage therapist will only undrape the area they are working; genital will not be exposed. This gives the therapist the ability to with the most layers of muscle tissue and fascia. 


2) Staying clothed.

If you are more comfortable staying clothed, please wear thin, loose clothing such as yoga gear. Your clothing will act as the draping. Of course if you would like to be draped with blankets and sheets they will already be on the massage table for you to lie under. While this may make some things difficult it can make some stretches easier to perform. 


3) Athletic performance massage. 

If you are coming in for a massage focused on athletic or movement performance, it is best to wear athletic clothing such as a sports bra, tank top, workout pants, shorts, etc. During these types of sessions clients will be asked to engage in movement and may need to get on and off the table to address progress of the session.


Regardless of your preference or comfort level with what to wear during your session, the therapist will not be in the room while you are dressing or undressing and getting onto or off the table.  Assistance can be provided to get onto or off the table when required for medical reasons. 


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