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September 2017


Drawing the Line: Boundaries in the Bodywork Relationship

    taught by Pamela Sundin-Hart, LMT OR #10334



Using ideas from the brilliant book The Educated Heart by Nina Macintosh, we will discuss real-life situations (brought by you!!) for holding healthy boundaries in finances, politics and religion, personal space, emotional responses--all the good things we NEVER thought we'd encounter when in school! Come prepared for lively discussion with fellow therapists moderates by a fellow therapist and educator.



Sunday September 10, 2017


Sanosoma Professional Massage, Inc in John's Landing

4 CE contact hours - $100

Class size limited to 10 students

To register, email by Friday September 8, 2017



October 2017


Treatment Techniques for the Anterior Thoracic Region

     taught by Pamela Sundin-Hart, LMT OR #10334


Postural issues often have a root in the anterior thoracic region. This course will explore methods of working with the diaphragm, intercostals, pectoral muscles, and clavical mobilization.  Additionally, gentle lymphatic enhancement will be indepthly addressed for the region.  The class will have ample table time to work the region effectively and appropriately to create lasting change.



Sunday October 8, 2017


Sanosoma Professional Massage, Inc in John's Landing

6 CE contact hours - $150

Class size limited to 12 students

To register, email by Wednesday October 4, 2017


(or schedule an appointment by phone at 503.243.3443)

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