Jon Hart
Lead Therapist (LMT #3831)
Jon started his massage practice in 1992 with the emphasis of getting people back on track for health and wellness. " I believe it is my responsibility to track down any restrictions that I can help unlock that have been a barrier to full wellness. I believe in educating my clients in their own bodies so they can STAY better". Jon has worked with people in general of all ages (so far newborn to 92).



It’s hard to describe Jon’s work as only an LMT…he’s so much more.  I’ve started referring to him as “the body wizard”.  His knowledge of the body, and the root causes of your pain or aggravation can only be described as magical.  I’ve been referring friends and colleagues for over 10 years and they always say the same thing…”that was the most amazing experience, and he’s unbelievable”.  If you’ve found yourself tolerating a nagging injury or pain and you feel like you’ve tried everything, try Jon.  His practice is based on finding solutions to your issues or limitations and you’ll leave feeling so much better.

Jon Hart is the only reason I have been able to continue (working for) the past 5 years.  He is the most intuitive and comprehensive practitioner I have ever been to.  I have suffered neck and back pain for years and attempted all manner of solutions.  Nothing has been as effective as Jon Hart's work.  This includes Physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncture and Pain management physicians.  Jon has a remarkable ability to evaluate your weak areas and help create balance and symmetry.  It legitimately has been restorative to my life. He is a gifted LMT.



Jon is an amazing therapist! He has a great ability to look at your gait and figure out exactly where your issues are coming from. After my son was born my low back was continually stiff. I was not sure if I could ever move without pain again. Jon found exactly where my spasm was coming from and took care of the issue! I have also taken classes from him and he is far and away the best instructor I have had.


I was a total wreck the first time I came into Jon Hart’s office from multiple injuries, bone breaks and car wrecks.  I’d been to multiple chiropractors, orthopedics, and physical therapists and tried every massage therapist around.  Nothing improved over any length of time.  Jon quickly saw the condition I was in and understood the body’s interconnectivity.  He taught me the pain and spasms are not necessarily at the source of the problem.  Jon’s approach to massage doesn’t just remove the tightness in the area of pain or discomfort, but balances the tension across the body so one side is not pulling on the other.  When neither side is pulling on the other, the muscles can relax and the pain goes away.  His approach is definitely unique and absolutely effective.  We’ve sent many people to see him and they have all come away raving about his knowledge and intuitive ability to get to the root of the problem and they’ve had lasting results. 


I'd highly recommend Jon to anyone seeking to better understand and fulfill their body's needs.  Jon is a highly skilled massage therapist, with a unique ability/focus on total body integration.  By restoring my feet to their proper function he cured my low back pain, while simultaneously improving my athletic production.  Even better is the fact that through his education skills I know that I will can keep my pain away due to a fundamental shift in how I organize my feet for both athletic and everyday activities.  As an athlete I've grown leaps and bounds since starting to see him weekly.  As a coach, I've grown thru an understanding that if you focus on the root of the problem, while it might be a slightly longer road, is rewarded with lasting stability and sustainability.  

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