Sarah Wall


Lead Therapist (LMT 7175)


Sarah Wall


     Upon being diagnosed with S-Curve scoliosis in 1987, Sarah began her life-long pursuit of a pain free and ergonomically functional lifestyle. Her condition, although seemingly arrested by a series of treatments and back braces, continued to degenerate. In spite of routine therapeutic care including Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy with Jon and an intense self-care regiment, she ultimately chose to take sabbatical from her thriving 17 year massage practice and undergo a highly invasive spinal reconstructive and fusion surgery in March of 2015. The procedure was a success and, after  11 months of rigorous physical therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy with Jon and a lot of healing, patience and love, she is thrilled to return to practice her integrative approach to Neuromuscular Therapy and Massage at Sanosoma!

     This gritty life experience has given Sarah an even greater comprehension of the injury, pain and healing cycles and, in turn, an even greater revere for the Intrastructural Approach for its ability to penetrate and dissolve decade old compensation patterns and help to restore function and tolerable pain levels. In addition to the positive impact of practicing decades of therapeutically focused exercises preoperatively, this rehabilitation process has given Sarah a newly fortified respect for the power of corrective exercise in conjunction with Neuromuscular Therapy for helping to establish pain free function to even the most severely compromised structures and joints.

     Sarah is so pleased to be partnering with her respected mentor and friend of over 18 years and continue to pursue her passion for catalyzation of the healing process thru the principals put forth in the Intrastructural Approach to Restorative Bodywork. She aspires to guide her clients toward pain free function with an empathetic, combined approach of hands-on bodywork, client education and awareness, as well as corrective exercises to empower each individual toward their optimal function.






Sarah is a female version of the amazing Jon Hart....with her own spins and style of Jon's renowned techniques. She was wonderful, patient, knowledgeable, strong, attuned to the body, professional, and helpful. Both my husband and I felt awesome after our massages were complete!



Very nice and intuitive. Could visually tell what was going on in my body and didn't just have to rely on what my pains were. Two days out and all the symptoms are gone. She's very friendly, nice and professional.



Very effective, very compassionate, very friendly, did I mention effective? Sarah is a 10/10 practitioner. I will be back soon! 


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