To our beloved clients,

Now is the time.  The time to reach out to clients, friends, and supporters and let you know that we have decided to permanently shut our doors to hands-on bodywork.  
There are many reasons for this decision, but ultimately it comes down to two major things. Firstly, we could not support the business shut down through the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Over our tenure at Harbor Square since July 2016, we have endeavored to build a robust clientele, yet were still struggling to gain traction before the shutdown. We attempted to keep the practice afloat for as long as possible.  In the end, it wasn't enough.  
Secondly, and of equal importance, we absolutely do not feel like it's a good idea to practice massage with the growing knowledge gained about this disease every single day. There is a lot that goes on in the body when someone has Covid-19, and too much of it would be contraindicated for massage. We are following the science as well as our hearts, holding to the vow we made as practitioners to DO NO HARM.  
We will remain in the business of helping bodies heal themselves, but are ending the physical location of our business.  We look forward to developing online resources for client self-care and continuing education resources for fellow practitioners. 
To those clients who lovingly bought gift certificates for future treatment or have massages remaining on our former sales of “packages”, please know that we will be in contact with you to return your money.  
We are grateful and humbled to tears for the trust and faith you have shown us. Your vulnerability and desire to listen to your body is what has held the key to any success you may have experienced, and we have been honored to come alongside you in a helping space. 
In Respect and Lovingkindness,


The LMTs at Sanosoma Massage 





Interstructural Approach is the signature Sanosoma massage technique. ISA incorporates movements of the client's body to address deep muscle and skeletal issues. The techniques here are derived from Neuromuscular Therapy, Tui Na, and Craniosacral therapies.








Structure + Soothe - Function + Flow



Synergy Massage is a full-body, nervous system reset while incorporating Sanosoma's Interstructural Approach' to target the myofascial release and the distressed area of the day.


Full one-hour, full-body relaxation massage







Therapeutic Massage for Auto Injuries

Therapeutic bodywork to treat injuries from an automobile accident is billed to your insurance and is often done under the direction of a physician. Massage provides relief from chronic pain, acute injuries, whiplash, muscle sprains, etc.



We put the ease on you by billing your insurance directly, whenever possible so you can focus on healing. Please fill out the form below. We will also need a copy of your referral for massage from your chiropractor or primary care physician.







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*New phone number receives texts making it easier to contact staff during the day*

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